So, after mic problems, we finally got going. I looked at the pictures that Ken took at the one-day and hunted pictures of me kicking ass. I found a couple, but there were an awful lot of me just standing around.

We came back and I dissuaded Finnen from talking about mind controlled council members, by the grace of my Beguiling Tongue. We had a great time listening to songs, drinking and eating into the night and got a restful sleep. The next morning we had some discussion about what to do next when we caught Finnen the Bard eavesdropping, so we decided to have a little chat. In the end, Travek sent him to the bar to drink.

We went and examined the portal (Steph with a natural 20), and found that a devil had used the portal eight hours ago. So, Eorick and Rahvin went to Streetwise a bit while Travek talked to Finnen. Then we went to the Feywild, talked to the leader, who said that he had received a missive from Finnen (how suspicious) that they held the body ransom for 1,000 gold. The Eladrin were being threatened by ugly arsed giants. As we had this discussion, what I assume were the ugly arsed giants were making their entrance… and that’s where we stopped.


Ozymandias27 SombraStewart

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