Starting from the Formorian Cave, we then took the body back to the Eladrin leader. The body of the Eladrin Queen was returned, and we returned her holy symbol, met with deep appreciation. I had him write a letter of intent to re-open lines of communication, but gave it to Travek to carry. Meanwhile, Limerick and Eorick just vanished for a while. Naiverra, Limerick and Eorick went to the cave, the rest of us went back to Deepwood.

We came back to discover that now the whole Council seemed to be against reconciliation with the Eladrin and Keira was rabble-rousing. We had a nice fight with Keira about the existence of a devil, her behavior, etc. So, a council meeting was to be held that night. Travek made use of his Goggles of Aura Sight to examine council members and determine if they were suspicious.

Stephanie made the decision to get Finnen involved in setting up a magical circle to block the devil. Yup, the exemplar of discretion. So there was a nice, subtle rug over the magic circle. Turns out, it outed Shava as the Succubus, and Theren took an attack for her. She claims a pit lord named Astronel has an interest in Deepwood. Turns out he’s a lieutenant of Mephistopholes, which sounds rather EPIC than Paragon. So, we gacked her and headed out to fight the group of devils encroaching on the town.


Ozymandias27 SombraStewart

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