A Hunter's Quarry - Entry 4

I’m not saying I’m the best… I’m just saying, I know what I know. I know how to get something… to track it down. To hunt it, to make it run, to make it go exactly where I want it.

Now… a King’s Gambit is a nice offhanded opening… or even the flush with a Knight sweep. Still, my favorite opening is probably the one that still defines me as a simpleton when it comes to chess. I like the classic kings pawn opening. It lets me take control of my center, launch a variety of different assaults, and keep up defense of my queen.

David was rather happy to see me use such a beginners move when I started playing the Immortal Game. David being that weird undead skeletal apparition, that’s not his real name… but it seems appropriate. He went with with classic moves just to mess with me, and for a while it really did… but not for long. Luckily this ghastly visage is susceptible to some of the regular forms of board shuffling.

Tapping the rim, exhaustive sighs, snarky off-to-the-side comments.

I played with that sack of bones the entire bone trip, just lounging out on deck drooling over that stark contrasting board. The pieces gleamed in the sunlight, and I could see my reflection in the king’s piece. We eventually got into Stormhold, but not before I put a real stab in David’s ass by adding a penguin variation on Reti combination. That stuckup ne’er’do’wrong will be going crazy over that all of next week!

Met up with the King of Stormhold, apparently I’m signed up to be a champion or something because I helped with getting the Orb back to them. Hmm… King… maybe I’ll start forming up a castling. That would really make David pissed off, especially if I never even did it!

Travek took me out drinking, though I wasn’t one to get washed away. I decided to do something with my money, pushed it into a few places around town. Maybe I’ll get something from it, I don’t know. Ended up doing the same thing over in Ironhelm after Naivera opened us up a portal over to there. I don’t know why Travek wanted us to come all the way here for him and Naivera to learn their rituals, there was absolutely nothing else for any of us to do. Well, that’s not true. I got continue showing David how to lick the floor with his pathetic moves.

After about another week of loafing around, we made our way to Deepwood. Pretty nice place, sorry to hear that Harivec and Mazikar pummeled them down so hard. They are pulling through, barely. Seems that their Eladrin population turned tail and ran when Harivec’s army first showed up, and went into the Feywild following some dead Queen or something. Speaking of Queens, I almost had David’s last night… it was so close. He tried hooking his rook around, but that turned up daisy’s for him almost.

Also seems that Mazikar is in the area leading nightly attacks against these people. After I gave out some lessons to the locals, we headed up to the Monastery to put a final ending to that bleach-skinned fang-faced Mazikar.

When we arrived, Mazikar gave us a little spill about how his benefactor had warned him we were coming. I wonder if he means Harivec… they had been working together before. Either way, Mazikar called out his undead forces and we went into a rather deep battle. Dalrak took the battle right to Mazikar, and this time was prepared to push off the vampire’s dominating gaze. Naivera had held back a little, and was rather surprised when a horde of undead came swarming up out of the ground at her. I managed to hook around to the far side of the field and lay down support for everyone, but it was really Travek who pulled the win for this battle. With his explosive holy powers, it might of been a much longer and bloodier battle.

Now that I think about it… we kept a rather solid King’s Pawn Opening, though I did shuffle off to the side like the wily rook.

David is going down.


Ozymandias27 TheTaioShow

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