A Hunter's Quarry - Entry 5

I think I might have died, if for just a moment, and gone to that place my mother told me I was destined to go. I have never felt so… much. Everything… was right. I feel colors, hear the clouds… my heart hasn’t stopped pumping yet, even as my body and mind have grown accustomed to this new world. I had thought the Prime was the most beautiful place in existence, and yet I have been proven a fool.

I think that maybe this is the first time I have ever cried willingly since my father was killed some eight years ago. Each tear is worth it… I can fee them, see them… as if they were alive themselves.

The Feywild is wonderful… and I find myself aching already in the knowledge that I have to leave. Leave not only for the duller Prime… but step a single inch into the desolation and void known as the Shadowfell.

I’m rather glad now I didn’t fight to much against the others when they wanted to once again put our journey to Harivec on hold, so that we could check on the Eladrin peoples that had spirited themselves away into this glorious domain. Speaking of which… this entire split seems far to, wrong. Something is just wrong in all of this. The Eladrin leader claims that the humans and elfs on the Prime are holding the body of his wife, yet of course the humans have denied this. It just seems like such a strange thing to fight over… let alone how it came to be fought on.

It all made sense eventually, especially after we agreed to assist the Eladrins in their struggles against the local cyclopian population. Who seemed to decide it was an appropriate time to begin harassing them. After taking care of a strike team, I managed to lead the group back to the base camp, or should I say cave, that the cyclops were working out of. The initial couple of waves were rather intermediate, the only true fight being that of plunging through the incredible vitality each single giant held.

Our true test was that of the Fomorian who had made this territory his. We later came to know his name as Gremlik, and it seemed that he was in consort with devils; for we had killed one near the back of his lair. He was tall enough to be slump just a tad in the cathedral ceiling tunnels, his bulk blocking the whole of the hallway: which could of fit three or four wagons across it. Somehow this collosus could still rear back enough to bring his tools of death to our bodies. Each time he slammed into Dalrak, I think I went deaf from the sheer cacophony of noise from mace meeting shield.

This eventually worked to our advantage, by forcing the large beast into the hallway, we blocked all of his rear support from getting up close to us as he we hacked away through him. Honestly, I’m surprised we didn’t tunnel right through him before we forced him onto his back. After clearing out the rest of the tunnels, we found a rather nice big pile of gold… and this huge throne made entirely of feywild bone. Oh, and we also happened to find the the Eladrin Leaders wife’s body, which I suppose is a good thing.

Naivera mentioned something about a powerful demon having passed through the portal recently… and with the devil we found in the cave, it only links several things together. Damn, I really hope Rahvin doesn’t tell that fucking halfling about this also… that’s all we need. That little big-mouth running around saying that devils are impersonating the populace and going to eat everyone’s souls.

I wish I had a god to pray to like Travek, maybe that would make my headache go away when thinking about all the bad stuff that’s happening.

Note: Please feel free to post IG/OOG thoughts/comments/critiques/insults to these write ups. While these are Limerick’s personal writings, he’s not exactly Mr. Sneaky with it, as you can often hear him mumbling parts of each entry to himself like some walking dialogue.


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