A Hunter's Quarry - Entry 6

Hard to believe so much has happened in only one day. Killed Mazikar… fought an entire gaggle of cyclopian soldiers… killed a Formorian King… killed a Succubus seducer who was part of a complicated plot to cause mass despair so that the souls of all the Deep Wood citizens would be lowered enough for her and her Pit Fiend ruler to take. I even squeezed in a round with Daniel this morning!

I don’t really know where to begin, as I still don’t understand much of what’s going on. My mind is still filled to the brink with images of conquering Harivec with those devils at my back… and… the price. I can’t believe I actually considered it, even if for only a moment. I pray the others didn’t notice… they have been good to me, they have helped me, offered to continue helping me. We’ve fought together, put our lives in each others hands, and then I go and actually consider giving their souls to that succubi bitch.

We returned the Eladrin Queens body back to her husband and people, which seemed to really help in their outlook on Deepwood. Naivera and I spent a couple extra hours moving all that feywild bone over to my businesses in Stormhold, I’m sure they’ll appreciate such rare and fine things to work with. Naivera was worried that the devil had taken over someone on the Council, I’m afraid I couldn’t lend much comfort to that; other then a plan for catching them. When we returned to Deepwood, we found the place to have mobilized their defenses… towards the Fey Gate. Apparently Keira and the other Council members were tired of the Eladrin, and so were ready to cut down any that stepped out of the gate.

I took to wandering around a bit, getting drinks for the Gate Guard and loosening up with Eorik (he and that weird dagger aren’t that bad). I noticed Finnan walking about looking for a rug, and decided to twist him up a bit. Apparently Naivera was taking my plan to heart by setting up a ritual circle in the tavern, and had already called for the Councilors to come meet us. I thought that was one of my more cunning of traps.

We waited a while, most of the others on the other side of the circle near the dining hall they were going to use. I was rather content to sit at the back of the bar, watching the edge of that circle for the very moment someone was stopped by it. Eorik was sitting a bit closer, and I knew it was so Skamos could reach home from up close. We got out chance, Shava showed up, and stopped right at the circle. Eorik caught my eye, reaching up and trying to bodily throw the woman through the circle… but was unsuccessful.

I didn’t need anymore indication. In the fastest draw I think I’ve ever pulled off, my bow and an arrow was at hand in flash. The arrow already gone before you could hear the thunderclap my bow let off. The instant my arrow pounded into Shava’s chest, her form reverted instantly to that of the sinfully intoxicating succubus. Eorik moved in next, spinning Skamos in an fashion I can only barely mimic with a slender arrow, and bringing the pommel of the chatty dagger down with surprising aim to the exposed back of the devil. Unfortunately, she had turned another of the Council into a puppet, who dived in the way and took the hit before Eorik could pull back.

We had the thing surrounded in an instant, and she quickly surrendered. She was quick the point, as is most of her kind, to offer us deals for freedom, and deals for glory. Again, I can’t believe I let myself succumb to her offer. She revealed quite a bit of information about how she worked for some Pit Fiend, and there was an army of devils marching towards Deepwood at that very moment. Eorik and I were rather quick to point out that we didn’t give a damn, and we’d go right into hell itself and teach this Pit Fiend that we weren’t afraid. Apparently the Pit Fiend was working for some other devil, someone named Mentos-pilaties (or something). Again, it was Eorik and I who just countered with the fact we’d kick that guys ass also. Travik and Naivera said that wouldn’t be immediately possible… but I think they were just scared of going to hell.

After the Shadowfell… I just can’t imagine any other place, being as bad.

Eventually the Succubus just kept babbling about the same things, over and over again. I was tired of hearing it… tired of hearing the same tempting offer thrown to me. Giving the signal, Dalrak finished the bitch off. As the others moved to leave the tavern, I decided to get a drink. Dalrak and Eorik weren’t about to pass up a free drink either, as Quinn had ran off.

I didn’t even get the flagon to my lips before Travik opened the door to the tavern… and we heard the death screams and striking of steel on steel.

How much longer is this damn day going to be?

Note: Please feel free to post IG/OOG thoughts/comments/critiques/insults to these write ups. While these are Limerick’s personal writings, he’s not exactly Mr. Sneaky with it, as you can often hear him mumbling parts of each entry to himself like some walking dialogue.


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