A Hunter's Quarry - Entry 7

I need another drink.

After everything else today, I can only hope that drinking would be my one solace. I can’t though… I can’t let my guard down to much. Harivecs agents could be around any corner… and now we have these damn devils to worry about.

We cut down that Succubus, and true to her word… a host of devils and fiendish creatures attacked the town not a minute later. As usual to our routine, despite exhaustion and battle weariness; we all rushed to the rescue of the town. The hosts of evil that met us, well… if my emotions hadn’t been dulled for all my years in the Shadowfell, I might say I have never been so panicked. Instead… I’ve never been so angry.

Why is everything getting in my way? Every time I get a step closer to getting these people to Harivecs doorstep, something else jumps up and down infront of us and forces us to stop and kill it. Every time a single tidbit of information is thrown infront of Rahvin or Naivera, they throw caution to the wind and chase after it, like some young fool listening to a cloaked man in a bar. I’m tired of these holdups… I’m sick of the setbacks… I am infuriated by everything contesting the liberation of my people!

There were a handful of bearded devils, a ferocious bone devil, a pair of Tiefling mages, and a couple scorpions the size of a house. They rushed us rather quickly, and the fact we were spread out among the streets and alleys of the the town, all the houses forcing us down different avenues. I saw Dalrak rush down a street to meet the Bone Devil headon, and coming up on our flank one of the scorpions jumped me before I could even get an arrow up. I felt so sluggish… everything had dulled. The Feywild had intoxicated me… I want to go back, I want to feel it again… I need it. Need to feel the beauty of the world, the hum of colors.

Naivera was attempted to help me, but that damned scorpion just kept slamming me up against a house, with little to no room to move away. I managed to break free of those claws, despite that stinger continually hitting me, but still… it felt for a moment like I would die under that barrage of poison and pain. I felt the dullness come back… felt the world go dark again. For a moment, the shadows bloomed around me… and I knew this is what Harivec wanted. Somewhere he was watching and laughing at me, hoping that the world would do the work he never could; and finish me off.

I need to get to him, before all of these stupid adventures kill me. Damn the Prophecy. I can’t fullfill it I get myself killed, and I can’t expect it to protect me from all of this.

Eventually we managed to push through the devil tide, finding eachother in the urban jungle, and combining our powers to return them all back to the fiery pits they came out of. Some of the townfolk died in the initial attack, but Nivera and Travek performed some rituals to get them back up.

16 hours. 16 damn hours. More time that is flying back… time that Harivec can consolidate his near infinite strength in the Domain of Dread, where he rules as God. Where he has time to hide his phylactery and protect it. I eventually got some sleep, but I can dream of nothing but my last battle with Harivec. Replay it over and over again, hope beyond hope we could somehow repeat the circumstances and hit that lich-bastard with as great surprise as we did before.

In the morning the councilors of Deepwood presented us with some rewards for our assistance. I don’t care about these gifts… I don’t care anymore.

I only care about one thing… and it will get done. No matter the cost.

Note: Please feel free to post IG/OOG thoughts/comments/critiques/insults to these write ups. While these are Limerick’s personal writings, he’s not exactly Mr. Sneaky with it, as you can often hear him mumbling parts of each entry to himself like some walking dialogue.


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