Galadran's Notes, 9/28/09

Facing the Reaper

I whirled, my hammer and shield in hand and ran out the door. I felt the unnatural stillness hit me as I came out; it was eerie and unsettling. The others came out after me, and we cast about, looking for the foul beasts coming after these people. As if being downtrodden wasn’t enough, they were cut like cattle. My blood sang with the desire to meet these creatures. A scream to the east motivated us into action, except for Limerick, who scaled one of the buildings for a higher vantage.

We moved as quickly as we were each able, and part of me regretted the weight of my armor. Only a part, mind, as the rest of me knew the protection it afforded. I heard a child scream, and as I closed in, I heard his screams cut off with the unique sound of a blade entering unprotected flesh. Travek arrived first, pointing towards them and warning them of the wrath of Moradin, and was met by one of the beasts attacking him with a greatsword. I hurtled over the canal and bellowed my challenge at the creature before Travek. To the north, I could see a being with a large scythe. The Reaper, undoubtedly, but I saw arrows strike at him and turned my attention to those closer. As I did, Eorik slid around the creature and paid the price. Eorik’s blade slashed at the creature’s arm, and Pelor’s luminous might lashed out at the creature that had ignored my challenge.

It was then I saw more of my compatriots arrive. The warlock, Errol, launched a sickly greenish sphere that spattered one of the creatures in burning acid and the wizard, Naiverra, send forth rays of ice. The two turned their attentions to me, giving Travek the opportunity to unleash a torrent of radiant energy that lashed out at the other creatures, striking them and seeming to knock their remaining minds out of focus. The two armed creatures before me struck, one striking into my breastplate, while I warded off the other with my shield. With a snarl, I struck in the way the clerics back in the temple had shown me, and brought my hammer down, creating an opening for Eorik to strike, and strike he did. His blade sank deep and corrupted gore fell from the gaping wound he left.

Again, the servant of mighty Moradin unleashed his radiant power, and several of the creatures were crushed in the wave. But this drew the attention of two of the other beasts, imperfectly formed mockeries of life, to him. One grabbed him and held him close as a dark aura seemed to leech at the dwarf. The other, I drew to me with a shout of intercession. Unfortunately, I found myself at the disadvantage between the two. While I saw Travek and Eorik battle two of the imperfect beasts, while the mages fired their magics, I set myself. I swung with all the strength I could muster. On the backswing, the spike of my craghammer struck the armed creature in the head, and it crumpled to the ground. My forward swing smashed the head of the imperfect creature before me into a flattened mess that resided halfway in its own torso. I was heartened by this and felt my spirits rise as I turned to aid my compatriots. I saw the wizard’s icy assault and the quick blade of the rogue finish the two, so I turned to find the rest of the force we had come out to meet.

To the west, I saw Limerick trading blows with the Reaper atop one of the buildings. I tightened my jaw and ran. I didn’t know how long he could last against the creature and dared not waste time. I considered reaching for my hand crossbow when I saw the others marshaling towards us and Eorik threw his dagger. When it struck, both he and the Reaper vanished for half a moment and reappeared, each where the other had been. I felt a surge of triumph, which turned to bitter frustration when the creature simply vanished again. I screamed out a challenge for it to come and face the light of Pelor, but mocking silence answered.

Dalrak had been busy this fight, facing off with another of the creatures. It seemed a pitched bout, where the creature would ensnare him, and he would strike with his warhammer and drive it away from him. The fight waged on and on, with the dwarf never giving ground or retreating, but instead following the beast as he drove it back from himself. His valor was well-proven in his actions.

I could see where Naiverra and Errol were lashing out with their magical energies, presumably at more of these enemies. Errol stood atop a build and loosed gouts of flame, followed by sounds of impact and a dull thud, as if a weight had hit the ground. I began to look elsewhere, just in time to see the Reaper appear behind him. He took the strike in the side, but vanished in a lightning-quick teleport. I moved forward towards the building, but the creature hurtled off the building towards Travek. I stepped around the edge of the building, bellowed my challenge and charged the abomination, smashing its shoulder while my hammer shone with the might of Pelor, which seemed to sink deep into the creature. A cloud of cold enveloped the creature, and I faced it, trying to smite it, hitting only its weapon with, but the power of the swing still seemed to harm the creature. I saw the others close in, and after another sickly green orb and a pair of arrows struck, the creature slumped to the ground, defeated.

I knelt, my blood cooling and sweat dripping from my brow. Despite what we had faced, I smiled to myself. The might of Pelor was with me here, and I relished bringing his light to this place.


Ozymandias27 SombraStewart

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