Herald of Pelor's light


Born to half-elf parents in a small village, Galadran saw the kinds of horrors that can happen to an unprotected home. The village was subjected to several raids by yuan-ti and killed many friends and neighbors. Galadran and his family survived, which his mother attributed to the protection of Pelor.

After the yuan-ti had ceased their attacks, Galadran’s family moved to a safer home; they were accepted into the city of Stormhold, and Galadran began spending more and more time at the temple of Pelor in thanks for the survival of his family. The more time he spent there, the more his family and the clerics of the temple realized that he had a special aura. After conferring with his parents, the clerics offered him a chance to train to work in the service of Pelor. He eagerly accepted.

While in his training, the clerics were surprised to discover that while he had capacity as one of their ranks, he was drawn to the path of the paladin. He grew strong, tough and capable, and even retained some of his cleric training with the ability to use the ability they referred to as the ‘Righteous Brand.’

Since completing his training, Galadran has traveled across the world of Agathorn in an attempt to help villages organize in a way to protect themselves from harm. He’s helped stand his ground against oncoming enemies and seen villages he’s helped stand tall and some be destroyed by the onrushing tides. Hearing of the danger to the settlement of Deepwood, he made his way there, to find a group that had arrived earlier…


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