The Sheriff of Norend


Crassus is a gruff, no-nonsense dwarf. He is one of the most capable warriors in Norend, and once single-handedly killed a Visejaw Crocodile. He grew up serving in the army of Ironhelm, serving with distinction until he completed his first tour of duty. Craving more than stone walls and caverns, he set out and journeyed to Stormhold and then to Riverdale. He served with the garrison of Riverdale, saving the Lord of Riverdale during an assassination attempt. As a reward for his heroism, he was granted the title of Sheriff of Norend, a title he no longer considers quite the honor he once did.

Crassus is fiercely loyal to Norend and its people, though he has become very bitter towards Riverdale, as his requests for aid have repeatedly been ignored. Now his only goal is to keep Norend a viable settlement for as long as he has the strength.


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