Harivec the Cruel

The dread lich overlord


Harivec the Cruel is an ancient lich and is the overlord of a Domain of Dread centered on Velinheim Castle in the Shadowfell. Harivec is a twisted individual, constantly reincarnating the prisoners of his Domain and using them for cruel experiments and diversions.

Recently, Harivec found a ritual which allowed him to force a convergence between the Shadowfell and the material world, allowing him to bring an undead force into the world from his Domain. Partnered with the Vampire Lord Mazikar, Harivec has amassed a large and dangerous army of the undead. Guided by his Skull Lord lieutenants, his force of ghouls sacked the elven city of Deepwood, and he and Mazikar turned many of the elves into vampiric minions.

Harivec lusts for power and ancient magics, and views living creatures as merely obstacles in his path to immortality and godhood.

Harivec the Cruel

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