Limerick Wash

Haggard man, dirty, unshaven... yet tall, strong... and a sense of destiny.


 Born in the Domains of Dread, Limerick did not grow up experiencing any of the happiness bestowed on those from the Prime Material Plane. Growing up he knew only the pain caused by the Overlord, and the sense of duty that someday, as prophesied… he would put an end to the Overlord and all the pain he had caused.

 For years he traveled in a small caravan of travelers, always being dogged by the Overlords Agents. He made few friends, but many compatriots. Unfortunantly, in the Domains of Dread, the Overlord was all powerful, and Limerick and his brethren were caught. 

 After brutal torture, he and his friends were brought into the Material world to aid the Overlord in his ritual to combine the Prime Material Plane with the Shadowfelled. One by one he watched the Overlord sacrafice his friends and comrads to his dark ritual… knowing that the evil creature was waiting to use Limerick's blood for the very last. To seal it all together.

Limerick Wash

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