Naivara Gelocarregado

Ice-centered Wizard of the Spiral Tower


Naivara Gelocarregado was born in a Eladrin temple of Corellon in the far Northern reaches of the Feywild, during a blizzard in mid spring to Caelynna and Riardon. Her mother, a priestess of Corellon, said Naivara brought the cold with her, and so gave her a name meaning “born of ice” in one of the ancient Eladrin languages. Naivara’s father was an artist in residence at the temple, who designed holy symbols and works of art for the temple and other devotees of Corellon. Caelynna and Riardon also welcomed two more daughters into the world in the years following Naivara’s birth, Quelenna and Sariel.

Naivara spent a happy childhood at the temple, relishing especially in the bitter cold of a northern winter, playing games with her wizard cantrips with her father and sisters, and learning spear and longsword use from her mother, all the while learning to worship Corellon by making every movement, thought, and action a beautiful, graceful expression of beauty in the world. When Naivara was 12, a Wizard of the Spiral Tower named Immeral came by the temple on an errand. He noticed Naivara and spent some time working with her, discovering that she had both an innate gift for wizardly talents and a zealous passion for Corellon. Immeral informed Caelynna and Riadon that Naivara would be eligible for testing to be admitted as a novice at the Spiral tower, and he suspected she would be successful there. Wanting the best for their daughter, they decided to send Naivara with Immeral to take the admittance test.

On the way to the spiral tower, Immeral introduced Naivara to the wonders of the world, showing her races, plants, and animals she had never seen before; she was in awe of the beauty Corellon had brought into the world. Upon arriving to the Spiral Tower, Immeral brought Naivara to the High Council to request her position as a novice. Naivara passed the tests with flying colors, and quickly found herself at the top of her class. She was continuously plagued, however, by a constant weariness brought on by the heat of the climate near the Tower, and she rarely found herself to be comfortable in the summertime.

Naivara’s years at the Spiral Tower passed quickly, with frequent correspondence to her sister Sariel, who she still corresponds with. She especially loved spells which allowed her to cool an area to a more comfortable temperature, and her friends often found her room covered in a thin sheet of ice. As Naivara continued to study, she found herself growing impatient with the Spiral Tower, filled with only Eladrin and surrounded by the Faywild. She knew of the other planes, as well as the Feydark, and wanted to see the worlds and what they held. Finally, in the middle of summer, she went to the High Council, requesting to test for her sword. They agreed, and she spent the next night fasting and praying in the temple of Corellan. Exhausted from her long night, she emerged to find the ground covered in a thick snow, with ice glistening off the Tower. The other students whispered amongst themselves that, clearly, Naivara was beloved by Corellan, as her prayers had been answered. The High Council went through the motions of the battle test, the magic test and the written examination, but they, too, felt that Corellan himself had already given his answer.

Naivara went home first, to inform her family of her intentions to go explore the worlds. She was greeted with a gift from her sisters, a book they had found in the temple’s archives, which included a passage discussing the Charm of Ice, a minor magical item said to lower the temperature around it by about 20 degrees. Delighted, Naivara started on her first adventure…

Naivara Gelocarregado

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