Rahvin Dusque

A warlock of two pacts with more charm than anyone should have.


Rahvin Dusque, Human Level 14: Warlock Fey/Dark pact, Deceptive Warlock


Str: 11 (+0) Dex: 12 (+1) Con: 16 (+3) Wis: 13 (+1) Int: 18 (+4) Cha: 24 (+7)

HP: 85
Bloodied: 42

Languages: Common, Elven, Dwarven, Deepspeech

Healing Surges: 9
Healing Value: 21

Misty Step Boon: Teleport 5 squares when cursed target drops to 0 HP
Prime Shot
Warlock Curse: +2d6
Shadow Walk: Gain concealment when moving more than 3 squares
Feytouched Action: Action point gives +4 to attack rolls

Twofold Curse: Curse 2 nearest enemies
Human Perseverance
Improved Misty Step: adds 2 squares to teleport
Improved Initiative: +4 initiative
Action Surge
Skill Training: Diplomacy
Skill Focus Diplomacy: +3 to Diplomacy
TwoFold Pact: Fey/Dark
Point Blank Shot

Skills: (5 + ½ level + mod + Items)
Arcana (Int): 1d20+5+7+4
Bluff (Cha): 1d20+5+7+7+3
Streetwise (Cha): 1d20+5+7+7
Insight (Wis): 1d20+5+7+1
Diplomacy (cha): 1d20+5+7+3+3+7
History (int): 1d20+5+7+4

Bloodthread Armor +2: when bloodied, get +2 on AC and saving throws
Pact Blade +3
Warlock’s Bracers: +1 to all Defenses against Cursed creatures
Gloves of Eldritch Admixture: Make Curse damage as fire, ice, acid or untyped
Cloak of Distortion, +3: Ranged attack from more than 5 squares takes a -5 penalty
Gem of Colloquy, level 12, +3 to Diplomacy, learn Dwarven and Deepspeech


Originally, Rahvin Dusque held only the power of the Fey in his pact. It was through a pact his grandfather had made so many years ago with those elusive creatures, but he lacked the force of personality to bring the powers to their full might. His son was more apt, but the man began the manipulation early, making his son nearly a puppet for his will, and directing the warlock power greater than what he himself could manage.

Rahvin grew in power to eclipse them both in the inherited pact. He looked at what his father had become because of his grandfather, who died weeks after his powers manifested, and decided to make his own way.

Rahvin’s travels brought him to mage guilds where he indulged in a thirst for knowledge, reading as many tomes on the subject of warlocks available (which were not numerous). One of them told him of the abilities of making a pact with the Underdark, so he set out. Through a series of mishaps, he actually ended up in the Feywild before the Underdark, making contact with the patron of his family’s abilities, the Maiden of the Moon.

In preparing to leave the Feywild, Rahvin awoke to find himself in a dark, twisting tunnel. He looked about, realizing he was somehow in the Feydark. That’s when a quiet voice offered him abilities, a new pact. All that was asked was that Rahvin lead a life where he would make use of these abilities, unleash them at full force when need be. Rahvin, already planning on such a life, accepted.

He left the Feywild and ventured to the village of Norend to begin his proposed life. It was there he met the other members of the team known as Jhaele’s Privateers.

Rahvin Dusque

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