A Hunter's Quarry - Entry 7

I need another drink.

After everything else today, I can only hope that drinking would be my one solace. I can’t though… I can’t let my guard down to much. Harivecs agents could be around any corner… and now we have these damn devils to worry about.

We cut down that Succubus, and true to her word… a host of devils and fiendish creatures attacked the town not a minute later. As usual to our routine, despite exhaustion and battle weariness; we all rushed to the rescue of the town. The hosts of evil that met us, well… if my emotions hadn’t been dulled for all my years in the Shadowfell, I might say I have never been so panicked. Instead… I’ve never been so angry.

Why is everything getting in my way? Every time I get a step closer to getting these people to Harivecs doorstep, something else jumps up and down infront of us and forces us to stop and kill it. Every time a single tidbit of information is thrown infront of Rahvin or Naivera, they throw caution to the wind and chase after it, like some young fool listening to a cloaked man in a bar. I’m tired of these holdups… I’m sick of the setbacks… I am infuriated by everything contesting the liberation of my people!

There were a handful of bearded devils, a ferocious bone devil, a pair of Tiefling mages, and a couple scorpions the size of a house. They rushed us rather quickly, and the fact we were spread out among the streets and alleys of the the town, all the houses forcing us down different avenues. I saw Dalrak rush down a street to meet the Bone Devil headon, and coming up on our flank one of the scorpions jumped me before I could even get an arrow up. I felt so sluggish… everything had dulled. The Feywild had intoxicated me… I want to go back, I want to feel it again… I need it. Need to feel the beauty of the world, the hum of colors.

Naivera was attempted to help me, but that damned scorpion just kept slamming me up against a house, with little to no room to move away. I managed to break free of those claws, despite that stinger continually hitting me, but still… it felt for a moment like I would die under that barrage of poison and pain. I felt the dullness come back… felt the world go dark again. For a moment, the shadows bloomed around me… and I knew this is what Harivec wanted. Somewhere he was watching and laughing at me, hoping that the world would do the work he never could; and finish me off.

I need to get to him, before all of these stupid adventures kill me. Damn the Prophecy. I can’t fullfill it I get myself killed, and I can’t expect it to protect me from all of this.

Eventually we managed to push through the devil tide, finding eachother in the urban jungle, and combining our powers to return them all back to the fiery pits they came out of. Some of the townfolk died in the initial attack, but Nivera and Travek performed some rituals to get them back up.

16 hours. 16 damn hours. More time that is flying back… time that Harivec can consolidate his near infinite strength in the Domain of Dread, where he rules as God. Where he has time to hide his phylactery and protect it. I eventually got some sleep, but I can dream of nothing but my last battle with Harivec. Replay it over and over again, hope beyond hope we could somehow repeat the circumstances and hit that lich-bastard with as great surprise as we did before.

In the morning the councilors of Deepwood presented us with some rewards for our assistance. I don’t care about these gifts… I don’t care anymore.

I only care about one thing… and it will get done. No matter the cost.

Note: Please feel free to post IG/OOG thoughts/comments/critiques/insults to these write ups. While these are Limerick’s personal writings, he’s not exactly Mr. Sneaky with it, as you can often hear him mumbling parts of each entry to himself like some walking dialogue.

A Hunter's Quarry - Entry 6

Hard to believe so much has happened in only one day. Killed Mazikar… fought an entire gaggle of cyclopian soldiers… killed a Formorian King… killed a Succubus seducer who was part of a complicated plot to cause mass despair so that the souls of all the Deep Wood citizens would be lowered enough for her and her Pit Fiend ruler to take. I even squeezed in a round with Daniel this morning!

I don’t really know where to begin, as I still don’t understand much of what’s going on. My mind is still filled to the brink with images of conquering Harivec with those devils at my back… and… the price. I can’t believe I actually considered it, even if for only a moment. I pray the others didn’t notice… they have been good to me, they have helped me, offered to continue helping me. We’ve fought together, put our lives in each others hands, and then I go and actually consider giving their souls to that succubi bitch.

We returned the Eladrin Queens body back to her husband and people, which seemed to really help in their outlook on Deepwood. Naivera and I spent a couple extra hours moving all that feywild bone over to my businesses in Stormhold, I’m sure they’ll appreciate such rare and fine things to work with. Naivera was worried that the devil had taken over someone on the Council, I’m afraid I couldn’t lend much comfort to that; other then a plan for catching them. When we returned to Deepwood, we found the place to have mobilized their defenses… towards the Fey Gate. Apparently Keira and the other Council members were tired of the Eladrin, and so were ready to cut down any that stepped out of the gate.

I took to wandering around a bit, getting drinks for the Gate Guard and loosening up with Eorik (he and that weird dagger aren’t that bad). I noticed Finnan walking about looking for a rug, and decided to twist him up a bit. Apparently Naivera was taking my plan to heart by setting up a ritual circle in the tavern, and had already called for the Councilors to come meet us. I thought that was one of my more cunning of traps.

We waited a while, most of the others on the other side of the circle near the dining hall they were going to use. I was rather content to sit at the back of the bar, watching the edge of that circle for the very moment someone was stopped by it. Eorik was sitting a bit closer, and I knew it was so Skamos could reach home from up close. We got out chance, Shava showed up, and stopped right at the circle. Eorik caught my eye, reaching up and trying to bodily throw the woman through the circle… but was unsuccessful.

I didn’t need anymore indication. In the fastest draw I think I’ve ever pulled off, my bow and an arrow was at hand in flash. The arrow already gone before you could hear the thunderclap my bow let off. The instant my arrow pounded into Shava’s chest, her form reverted instantly to that of the sinfully intoxicating succubus. Eorik moved in next, spinning Skamos in an fashion I can only barely mimic with a slender arrow, and bringing the pommel of the chatty dagger down with surprising aim to the exposed back of the devil. Unfortunately, she had turned another of the Council into a puppet, who dived in the way and took the hit before Eorik could pull back.

We had the thing surrounded in an instant, and she quickly surrendered. She was quick the point, as is most of her kind, to offer us deals for freedom, and deals for glory. Again, I can’t believe I let myself succumb to her offer. She revealed quite a bit of information about how she worked for some Pit Fiend, and there was an army of devils marching towards Deepwood at that very moment. Eorik and I were rather quick to point out that we didn’t give a damn, and we’d go right into hell itself and teach this Pit Fiend that we weren’t afraid. Apparently the Pit Fiend was working for some other devil, someone named Mentos-pilaties (or something). Again, it was Eorik and I who just countered with the fact we’d kick that guys ass also. Travik and Naivera said that wouldn’t be immediately possible… but I think they were just scared of going to hell.

After the Shadowfell… I just can’t imagine any other place, being as bad.

Eventually the Succubus just kept babbling about the same things, over and over again. I was tired of hearing it… tired of hearing the same tempting offer thrown to me. Giving the signal, Dalrak finished the bitch off. As the others moved to leave the tavern, I decided to get a drink. Dalrak and Eorik weren’t about to pass up a free drink either, as Quinn had ran off.

I didn’t even get the flagon to my lips before Travik opened the door to the tavern… and we heard the death screams and striking of steel on steel.

How much longer is this damn day going to be?

Note: Please feel free to post IG/OOG thoughts/comments/critiques/insults to these write ups. While these are Limerick’s personal writings, he’s not exactly Mr. Sneaky with it, as you can often hear him mumbling parts of each entry to himself like some walking dialogue.

A Hunter's Quarry - Entry 5

I think I might have died, if for just a moment, and gone to that place my mother told me I was destined to go. I have never felt so… much. Everything… was right. I feel colors, hear the clouds… my heart hasn’t stopped pumping yet, even as my body and mind have grown accustomed to this new world. I had thought the Prime was the most beautiful place in existence, and yet I have been proven a fool.

I think that maybe this is the first time I have ever cried willingly since my father was killed some eight years ago. Each tear is worth it… I can fee them, see them… as if they were alive themselves.

The Feywild is wonderful… and I find myself aching already in the knowledge that I have to leave. Leave not only for the duller Prime… but step a single inch into the desolation and void known as the Shadowfell.

I’m rather glad now I didn’t fight to much against the others when they wanted to once again put our journey to Harivec on hold, so that we could check on the Eladrin peoples that had spirited themselves away into this glorious domain. Speaking of which… this entire split seems far to, wrong. Something is just wrong in all of this. The Eladrin leader claims that the humans and elfs on the Prime are holding the body of his wife, yet of course the humans have denied this. It just seems like such a strange thing to fight over… let alone how it came to be fought on.

It all made sense eventually, especially after we agreed to assist the Eladrins in their struggles against the local cyclopian population. Who seemed to decide it was an appropriate time to begin harassing them. After taking care of a strike team, I managed to lead the group back to the base camp, or should I say cave, that the cyclops were working out of. The initial couple of waves were rather intermediate, the only true fight being that of plunging through the incredible vitality each single giant held.

Our true test was that of the Fomorian who had made this territory his. We later came to know his name as Gremlik, and it seemed that he was in consort with devils; for we had killed one near the back of his lair. He was tall enough to be slump just a tad in the cathedral ceiling tunnels, his bulk blocking the whole of the hallway: which could of fit three or four wagons across it. Somehow this collosus could still rear back enough to bring his tools of death to our bodies. Each time he slammed into Dalrak, I think I went deaf from the sheer cacophony of noise from mace meeting shield.

This eventually worked to our advantage, by forcing the large beast into the hallway, we blocked all of his rear support from getting up close to us as he we hacked away through him. Honestly, I’m surprised we didn’t tunnel right through him before we forced him onto his back. After clearing out the rest of the tunnels, we found a rather nice big pile of gold… and this huge throne made entirely of feywild bone. Oh, and we also happened to find the the Eladrin Leaders wife’s body, which I suppose is a good thing.

Naivera mentioned something about a powerful demon having passed through the portal recently… and with the devil we found in the cave, it only links several things together. Damn, I really hope Rahvin doesn’t tell that fucking halfling about this also… that’s all we need. That little big-mouth running around saying that devils are impersonating the populace and going to eat everyone’s souls.

I wish I had a god to pray to like Travek, maybe that would make my headache go away when thinking about all the bad stuff that’s happening.

Note: Please feel free to post IG/OOG thoughts/comments/critiques/insults to these write ups. While these are Limerick’s personal writings, he’s not exactly Mr. Sneaky with it, as you can often hear him mumbling parts of each entry to himself like some walking dialogue.


Starting from the Formorian Cave, we then took the body back to the Eladrin leader. The body of the Eladrin Queen was returned, and we returned her holy symbol, met with deep appreciation. I had him write a letter of intent to re-open lines of communication, but gave it to Travek to carry. Meanwhile, Limerick and Eorick just vanished for a while. Naiverra, Limerick and Eorick went to the cave, the rest of us went back to Deepwood.

We came back to discover that now the whole Council seemed to be against reconciliation with the Eladrin and Keira was rabble-rousing. We had a nice fight with Keira about the existence of a devil, her behavior, etc. So, a council meeting was to be held that night. Travek made use of his Goggles of Aura Sight to examine council members and determine if they were suspicious.

Stephanie made the decision to get Finnen involved in setting up a magical circle to block the devil. Yup, the exemplar of discretion. So there was a nice, subtle rug over the magic circle. Turns out, it outed Shava as the Succubus, and Theren took an attack for her. She claims a pit lord named Astronel has an interest in Deepwood. Turns out he’s a lieutenant of Mephistopholes, which sounds rather EPIC than Paragon. So, we gacked her and headed out to fight the group of devils encroaching on the town.


So, after mic problems, we finally got going. I looked at the pictures that Ken took at the one-day and hunted pictures of me kicking ass. I found a couple, but there were an awful lot of me just standing around.

We came back and I dissuaded Finnen from talking about mind controlled council members, by the grace of my Beguiling Tongue. We had a great time listening to songs, drinking and eating into the night and got a restful sleep. The next morning we had some discussion about what to do next when we caught Finnen the Bard eavesdropping, so we decided to have a little chat. In the end, Travek sent him to the bar to drink.

We went and examined the portal (Steph with a natural 20), and found that a devil had used the portal eight hours ago. So, Eorick and Rahvin went to Streetwise a bit while Travek talked to Finnen. Then we went to the Feywild, talked to the leader, who said that he had received a missive from Finnen (how suspicious) that they held the body ransom for 1,000 gold. The Eladrin were being threatened by ugly arsed giants. As we had this discussion, what I assume were the ugly arsed giants were making their entrance… and that’s where we stopped.

A Hunter's Quarry - Entry 4

I’m not saying I’m the best… I’m just saying, I know what I know. I know how to get something… to track it down. To hunt it, to make it run, to make it go exactly where I want it.

Now… a King’s Gambit is a nice offhanded opening… or even the flush with a Knight sweep. Still, my favorite opening is probably the one that still defines me as a simpleton when it comes to chess. I like the classic kings pawn opening. It lets me take control of my center, launch a variety of different assaults, and keep up defense of my queen.

David was rather happy to see me use such a beginners move when I started playing the Immortal Game. David being that weird undead skeletal apparition, that’s not his real name… but it seems appropriate. He went with with classic moves just to mess with me, and for a while it really did… but not for long. Luckily this ghastly visage is susceptible to some of the regular forms of board shuffling.

Tapping the rim, exhaustive sighs, snarky off-to-the-side comments.

I played with that sack of bones the entire bone trip, just lounging out on deck drooling over that stark contrasting board. The pieces gleamed in the sunlight, and I could see my reflection in the king’s piece. We eventually got into Stormhold, but not before I put a real stab in David’s ass by adding a penguin variation on Reti combination. That stuckup ne’er’do’wrong will be going crazy over that all of next week!

Met up with the King of Stormhold, apparently I’m signed up to be a champion or something because I helped with getting the Orb back to them. Hmm… King… maybe I’ll start forming up a castling. That would really make David pissed off, especially if I never even did it!

Travek took me out drinking, though I wasn’t one to get washed away. I decided to do something with my money, pushed it into a few places around town. Maybe I’ll get something from it, I don’t know. Ended up doing the same thing over in Ironhelm after Naivera opened us up a portal over to there. I don’t know why Travek wanted us to come all the way here for him and Naivera to learn their rituals, there was absolutely nothing else for any of us to do. Well, that’s not true. I got continue showing David how to lick the floor with his pathetic moves.

After about another week of loafing around, we made our way to Deepwood. Pretty nice place, sorry to hear that Harivec and Mazikar pummeled them down so hard. They are pulling through, barely. Seems that their Eladrin population turned tail and ran when Harivec’s army first showed up, and went into the Feywild following some dead Queen or something. Speaking of Queens, I almost had David’s last night… it was so close. He tried hooking his rook around, but that turned up daisy’s for him almost.

Also seems that Mazikar is in the area leading nightly attacks against these people. After I gave out some lessons to the locals, we headed up to the Monastery to put a final ending to that bleach-skinned fang-faced Mazikar.

When we arrived, Mazikar gave us a little spill about how his benefactor had warned him we were coming. I wonder if he means Harivec… they had been working together before. Either way, Mazikar called out his undead forces and we went into a rather deep battle. Dalrak took the battle right to Mazikar, and this time was prepared to push off the vampire’s dominating gaze. Naivera had held back a little, and was rather surprised when a horde of undead came swarming up out of the ground at her. I managed to hook around to the far side of the field and lay down support for everyone, but it was really Travek who pulled the win for this battle. With his explosive holy powers, it might of been a much longer and bloodier battle.

Now that I think about it… we kept a rather solid King’s Pawn Opening, though I did shuffle off to the side like the wily rook.

David is going down.


Kickin’ off with going to Stormhold and returning the Orb. We took some time in hashing out how we’d be doing shopping and buying and so on. Limerick played the game and got really involved in it.

We didn’t know how long Jason would be, so we got started. We were honored by the King and court as heroes of the city, paid 2k gold each and returned the Orb to the clerics of Melora. Then we headed into the city; Travek, Naivera, Limerick and presumably Dalrak all enjoyed barrels of meade. Rahvin paid respects at the temple of Sehanine and then to the temple of the Raven Queen. After the temples, Rahvin headed to the Mage Guild and got his charisma on.

Ken decided to leave a stash of money with Jhaele so that adventurers would take care of the snake cult that had sprung up. We teleported via circle to Ironhelm, spent some time for ritual learning, then took another circle to Deepwood.

There, we realized there weren’t Eladrin around like there were supposed to be. Jason was very ready to roll for Initiative. The city was attacked by undead, those who survived hid in the woods, but the Eladrin took off into the Feywild when the forces came. Turns out the undead attacks are from the Vampire Lord we ran off.

People in general are either angry or confused about the Eladrin leaving; relations got strained in weeks prior to the attacks. One of the Eladrin leaders rallied and lead others of his kind through the portal. One person mentioned that some messages received have made little sense, asking for the return of the dead body of their queen, who was seen going to the Feywild. The Eladrin were ruled by a king and queen, both of whom fled, but are still asking for the body, but she hasn’t been seen. She was a cleric of Correllon, but she led the Eladrin through.

There was a halfling that wanted to hear about Rahvin’s exploits and kept following him around. He behaved as a bard, but couldn’t have been, given that PHB2 isn’t out yet. And he just loved taking speculation and causing trouble with it, so I told him the story of facing snake cultists in Stormhold to try and divert him.

Well, we went to the graveyard, where Mazikar met us and claimed that his mysterious benefactor said we’d be coming, so we fought him and his horde of undead (which is literally true in one case). Travek went all out, hit a Solar Wrath and then an action point to jack Mazikar up to create FURTHER vulnerabilities. Mazikar actually moved away from where he was, so Rahvin pegged him with Dread Star, so he was immobilized, stunned and had a -2 to Will all at once. Ken’s Turn Undead actually put Mazikar down hard, thanks to Combat Advantage and the -2 to Will. It was an beautiful, beautiful sight.

Mazikar’s ruby/gold medallion, 3000 gold worth. 3000 gold, 1500 gold piece jade statue, silver chalice worth 1500 gold pieces. That being done, we turned and headed back to town.

The Next Adventure...

Not to preempt the RP going on in the newest Hunter’s Quarry, but I do need some prep time for the next adventure, so would like a vote on what you guys want to do next. I have three basic adventure ideas, and of course if you guys want to do something totally different, that’s an option as well:

1) Rescue in the Deepwood – The Elven city of the Deepwood has recently been ravaged by the hordes of Mazikar the vampire lord and Harivec the Cruel. The survivors are now struggling to rebuild their once great city, but forces from the Feywild, remnants of the Harivec’s horde, and a possible threat from amongst the survivors themselves mean that the struggle may be harder than anyone believed…

2) Harivec’s Domain – Harivec the Cruel has lorded over his Domain of Dread in the Shadowfell for centuries, but a gypsie prophesy is about to be fulfilled in the form of Limerick. He escaped Harivec’s clutches and with his new friends he may be able to bring the lifeless lich to an untimely end. However, the Shadowfell is a dangerous and mutable realm, and in his Domain Harivec holds all the cards…

3) The Barrow of Baracus – The archmage of the mage’s guild in Stormhold has recently found a hidden chamber in the guild hall, and in that chamber he has found ancient and secret scrolls. Amongst the find is a map to the long forgotten and lost Barrow of Baracus, known as the finest mage of Bael Turath. The Barrow is sure to be filled with cunning traps and puzzles, fantastic treasures, and the twisted experiments of the demonic sorceror…

A Hunter's Quarry - Entry 3

It took us a little longer to get back to our feet then any of us would of liked, but with Travek letting loose on his healing, we needed to let him recuperate himself. Gathering ourselves up, we made out way into the Tombs of Madness, the sounds of the Drow war setting the tone for what awaited us inside.

The tunnels of this place were like nothing I’ve ever seen. At points we were walking along the side of the tunnel, as if it were the floor. I must say… I now understand how this place got it’s name. I managed to get us past several Kuo-Toa Reinforcements being sent up to face the Drow, Eoriks agile form found several holes in the wall for us to slip through along the crags. Dalarak showed an amazing display of strength when he managed to pull all of us up to the top of a small outcropping… on the same rope. I thought the rope would snap before his arms would give out.

As we progressed, we came upon this odd room. Inside, the floor swam with consciousness… reaching out with stone tentacles to drag us down and hold us tight. In the center a rip in the very fabric of space hummed with the force of the wind as it sucked in torrents of wind and loose debris from around the room. Still stranger, there were all of these platforms just drifting around in the air, held aloft by nothing but air and their own strange forces. Naivera came up with some plan to make some metal disc that we could all ride on over to the overlooking gallery at the very end of the room… I’m not exactly sure, before she could finish rattling off all the arcane nonsense, I was already running and jumping across the platforms, all I had to do was remember watching leopards and apes in the trees to find my innate balance.

That’s when I spotted the real danger of the room. Across the way, hidden in the shadows and rocks of the gallery, were a pair of Kuo-Toa spearchuckers, and a Cyclops with a sack full of javelins. As I shouted a warning, I found myself swept off my feet and sucked into the vortex in the center of the room. I thanked the Prophecy that it wasn’t big enough to completely draw me through… merely suffocating me in it’s torrent of winds and pressure. I managed one shot at the Kuo-Toa before the Vortex expelled me, mumbling my appreciation to Work for his boots as I gently fell to the ground.

As I traversed the grasping ground, Dalrak proved that his height would not impede him from calling on the agile leaps and bounds of the leopards as he moved across the platforms like a man possessed. I saw Travek clear a platform himself, and leap across a large gorge and land… on the wall. I almost stopped mid stride when I saw this… him standing perfectly normally on the side of the wall. Shaking my head and thinking it nothing but the madness of this place… I took a cue from him. With all of my strength and speed I ran right up the side of the wall, cleared a platform, dove onto it… and slammed an arrow right into the Cyclops unsuspecting back.

I must say, it gave Dalrak a perfect opening as he came in hard and fast; his hammer leading the way. It was in that instant I heard a loud pop, and casting a look over my shoulder saw that Naiver and Rahvin had turned their energies to destroying the Vortex before coming to meet us. It didn’t take long for everyone to make their way across and help in the dispatching of the enemies… though, one lone Kuo-Toa did manage to escape along a waterfall.

Taking a small breather, I made my way up the wet rocks of the waterfall. As the others climbed up my offered rope, I noticed that the water had an odd discoloration to it, it’s flow stemmed by the unnatural gravity of the place, and something was just simply _wrong _with it. We traveled for a while along a narrow waterway before coming to a much larger underground lake. However, the water was green and ghastly, rank in it’s odor. I could not even see the bottom, not even when prodded with an arrow.

Preparing myself, I moved off to scout ahead… though it seemed they were ready for us. By them… I mean creatures I never thought I would see in the flesh. In the forefront was an Aboleth and his Servitors. That’s write, myself, a twice-cursed Aboleth… a creature from the Far Planes, even deeper in the strange, weird, and gods-be-damned nethers then the Shadowfell. However… we felt confident. Moving back, we gained a good position… that’s when the Beholder came out.

Yeah… a Beholder wreathed in flames and throwing out rays of destruction and terror. I must admit, our courage didn’t flare quite as brightly that turn. Though, we stuck to it as we have shown ourselves prone to do. Leading the charge, Dalrak and Travek spearheaded the forces as I picked off the Servitors. As the Beholder was thrown into a corner by one of Dalrak’s heavy blows, Eoirk flung himself off the walkway, bashing the creature right in the crown. Suddenly I had all of my knowledge proven right as I watched a Beholder continue hovering while unconscious. Naiver called for a gigantic hand formed of ice, latching onto the Aboleth and holding him tight. Rahvin and I were left to throwing what we had at both creatures til we had smashed them into bits of nothing.

Eorik and I moved to secure the rest of the room as the others inspected a strange portal in the middle of the cavern. Naiver warned us not to look into it, and though I averted my gaze… I could still hear strange and terrible things from the other side. If not for my conscious mind… I fear I might have moved closer to find out what was speaking. Other say they heard nothing… but I swear, I heard someone call my name.

Eorik found the Orb they have all been searching for atop an altar in the back of the room, wasting no time as he stuck it in his bag with a pair of gems. Though, there was of course much more on the Altar, some items of obvious magic and a very nice chess set. As Naivera cursed her lack of forethought to bring along a ritual to close the portal, and was forced to resort to a simple magical circle to keep things from coming though, I identified what I had found. Though… they took a bit longer then that took, and I asked Eorik if he would be interested in a game of chess.

I must say, when I offered him the white pieces… I was not prepared for a ghostly visage to expand before me and prepare to play the game against me. Naivera and Travek informed me that it was an artifact item, called ‘The Immortal Game’. Apparently if you play the game, you have to finish it. There were a lot of other complicated things, but we were in a rush. I told the ghost I would play it later, then shoved the chess set back in my bag. As we escaped from the Tombs, we could still hear the battle waging out front. Naivera had the bright idea of waiting around to let the Drow know how we did.

We all had a good laugh at her expense. They ended up settling on using one of the Sending scrolls, though Travek left a very funny message on the walls of the Aboleth cavern.

As we made out way through the Underdark, and out into the fresh air and sunlight… I could help think: What now? There is so much in front of us, and though I yearn to take these strong people into the Domains of Dread and put an end of Harivec now, I wonder if that is where our path will continue.

I think that’s a question I will be asking myself every morning of every day I spend with these… new friends, of mine.

What now?


Okay, so we took some time to lick our wounds after that last bout, where we didn’t use dailies or action points.

We started out with the “Navigating and MC Escher painting” skill challenge. Success! Wahoo! No non-planar geometry eating us!

So, we meander into this room where the floor seems to be alive (difficult) with floating platforms and a vacuum rift in the middle of the room, with Kuoa-Toa and Ogres throwing spears from the other end. So, Steph and I began ritualizing to close the rift. Wade, Jason and Ken all advanced on the platforms or weird-gravity wall. We got the rift closed, which opened up all kinds of options. But, one of the Kuoa-Toa swam up the slow-falling waterfall to escape.

Going up the fall (which had aberration poo in it), we hopped up on a ledge and into another tunnel. The map said it was the Tomb of Madness Sanctum. Spooky. There were walkways surrounded by gross amniotic fluid. Turns out there was an aboleth, there were aboleth servitors and a Eye of Flame variety of the Beholder. I was pretty happy with hitting the Eye of Flame with Your Delicious Weakness and Ring of Pain. Eorick pegged it with Knockdown, which was great until it made the save. Naivera and Travek worked on the Aboleth, Naivera with the grasping hand, which I imagine was slippery and gross to the disembodied hand. I hit the Eye with my Twilight of the Soul and Jason finished it off in awesome fashion.

Stuff we found: Gems of high value, Orb (presumably of the Sea), Gloves of Dimensional Repulsion, Necklace of Fireballs +3, Carcanet of Psychic Schism and the Immortal Game chess set. We also sent a note to the Drow priestess and exchanged some threads.


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