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1/27/09 session

Postponed due to power outages.


We knew there was bad stuff behind the door.

Not because the GM hit a macro by accident, we just knew. Right, we heard stuff through the door, that’s it. So we employed our usual method of opening the door.

We were greeted by bad things. Big things. They took up four squares instead of one. Then we discovered that surprise rounds work differently than we had thought. By the way, those big things? They had really long reach.

We faced two Battle Wight Commanders, two Boneclaws and two Skull Lords. The room also featured falling gems that dealt necrotic damage in a burst 1 area.

We then moved on to the next door on the far side. As it turned out, moving at a brisk crawl was enough to keep the gems from jarring loose. We also came to the conclusion that tapdancing was a bad idea.

So, the next door. Our dwarf fighter went to open the door. There were stairs, so we went up them.

There, we burst open the door and unleashed a flurry of “eat this, bitches!” I love the visual: door slams open, Rahvin hits Haveric the Cruel with a spell, Limerick hits him with an arrow, Eorik dives into the room, Naiverra drops a sheet of ice all of them, glorious light shines off the cleric and slams into the vampire lord while Dalrak charges headlong into a Boneclaw. In awesome fashion, we ALL hit in that surprise round. I pegged Haveric the Cruel with Will of the Feywild and Ring of Pain, which was a surge of badass. So what if I had to use a daily to hit with Ring of Pain? Still awesome. Harevic actually proceeded to get the every loving piss beat out of him. We actually proceeded to run most enemies on the board to bloodied status within one round.

Then the vampire lord dominated Dalrak, turned to mist and ran. So, then, after the fight ended and we destroyed Haveric, Dalrak proceeded to run around smacking the fire out of Limerick. We were confused. Rahvin did a great job trying to talk him down. That didn’t work either. Finally, after smacking his brother, he came out of it.

Loot we found!
+4 Magic Rod
1 Ritual Book: Passwall, Magic Circle, Arcane Lock, Detect Secret Doors, Transfer Enchantment
2x Scroll of Shadow Walk, 2x Scroll of View Location, 3x Scroll of Drawmij’s Instant Summons, 1x Scroll of Consult Oracle, 6x Scroll of Sending,
2x Whetstone of Venom, 2x Oil of Flesh Returned, 4x Unguent of Blindsight
2000 GP Arcane Reagents, 1000 GP Residuum, 2000 GP Sanctified Incense, 4000 gold

A Hunter's Quarry - Entry 1
Limerick Journal

‘I will get free… I will kill him… I will save them.’

My thoughts were strong as I had been lead out of the Shadowfell into the Material World. My hands were chained together, first in a line of many other ragged and suffering people. My people. People who had taken care of me, trained me, spoke their hearts of seeing a free world where the Overlord controlled no one. My brothers and sisters, as close a family as one could ever have. I loved them…

Night after night, I watched the Overlord sacrifice my friends over his altar… I watched as day after day, the sky darkened to match the world of my birth. The first few times I struggled against my chains, I tried so desperately to rip free… to save my brothers as they clawed at the air to get free… so futile they tried to deny the Overlord’s ritual blade a chance to do it’s inevitable work.

After that… I lost hope. I am not proud to admit that, even in the words of this dusty bit of parchment. I had such fire… such hope for the future my brothers spoke of. The world they told me, with such confidence, that I would bring. Looking at the world behind me, I wonder what good it would do. I wonder if I can do it. I’ve accomplished so little, yet so much of significance for people that I have never met. While the ones I know and love are cold and dead, and I can do nothing to help them.

After giving me more than my fill on watching his deplorable activities… I was thrown in that dungeon. I’m not sure how much time had passed, with no day or night to guide me, I felt time slip away with my confidence. With my courage.

Then came my new companions, perhaps my new friends. They were dead… but the Overlord Harivec, his name is Harivec. Harivec would go to any expense to fulfill his scheme, and with them, he would have the power he needed to finally merge the worlds together. However, they had the fire that I had lost through endless torture. They had the strength that was taken from me by shackles and iron.

Eorik had prepared himself, and made his way past the castle’s defenses and guards into the bowels of the dungeons. It was in his haste that he tipped off the guards so heavily placed on our cell. However, the distraction was enough. Dalrak and Travek, brothers and Sons of Moradin, ripped free the shackles anchors clean from the wall. They released their other friends, Naivera and Rahvin… and then me. During the ensuing battle, I could do nothing but huddle in the corner. I will be honest… I was scared. I had no weapon, I had no power… and I knew what Harivec would do if we did not succeed.

The group persevered though. Pushing through the guard, they smiled and welcomed their freedom. It took little coaxing for me to finally abandon the cell, and after recovering our items, I told them of Harivec and his plans. Apparently they had a rough idea of what was going on, but through my words finally gained the complete picture. Without any words of begging, they went after Harivec. At first I didn’t understand… why they would so willingly sacrifice themselves against Harivec when they could run. It was with each encounter we had with Harivec’s minions that my fire rekindled… that I began to understand self-sacrifice… that I began to reaffirm my destiny.

During our raid through the upper levels of the Castle, Eorik and I went off to scout the surrounding floor while the others set down a camp. He is a good man… though with that talking dagger of his, I must admit my nervousness. I don’t much trust something like that. It reminds me of Harivec, a creature of no life, given sentience and force by magic. During the exploration, we came across an item. It had belonged to my friend Harve. He had been a good man, one of the best climbers I knew. He had been the fifth to die.

It took us a good amount of time, and a lot of blood thirsty fighting to make it to the last chambers at the top of the Castle. I can remember it now… as if it were stuck in my head, forever bound to play out it’s course.

Eorik and I had taken the lead, silent as shadows as we kept an advanced eye for the group behind us. As we approached the door, we could hear the ritual chanters speaking without having to press our ears to the door. Sucking up a breathe, we prepared ourselves for the fight ahead. I knew Harivec was beyond this door… I knew it. I could feel it, like a tingling up my spine that let me know that my prey was just over the hill. Perhaps it was the Prophecy at work… perhaps it was merely nerves.

Dalrak took Eoriks place next to me, and I primed my bow with an arrow; ready to be released in an instant. It was a flurry of actions after that… in the space between a blink and a beat of the heart we were upon them. Dalrak kicked the door in, with a strength possessed by no other man, ripping the hunk of iron clean from it’s hinges and near ten feet into the room. Inside the room was Harivec, sitting atop his throne. The Vampire Lord standing off to the side watching their undead minions at work on their dark altar.

Harivec’s face still held the twisted smug confidence his ugly visage always held, but his cold dead eyes were wide with fear and surprise. I shouted out, my words ringing with a conclusion that only a hunter could see for his prey, “It’s over Harivec! No more will die, except for you!” My arrow was true, I had fired at replicas of Harivec my entire life. I know that mans corpse better then anyone in the realms. My arrow slammed into his shoulder, I could see the special shaft exploding upon impact, lodging a series of splinters throughout the wound to distract the spellslinger. Eorik dashed across the room, diving past the Boneclaws wicked attacks, and leading the charge. Dalrak was not one to be out done as he charged into the other Boneclaw, his hammer crunching through the creature.

My gaze caught the Vampire Lord, Mazikar, and I grinned as I pointed him out, calling over my shoulder to Travek, “Son of Moradin! The Vampire Lord!” I knew the Vampire Lord to be strong, and knew only the light of Moradin would truly conquer him. Travek was confident, as he always was when it came to dealing with undead. Holding up his Holy Symbol of Moradin, he called forth a ray of light from the heavens themselves, the power slamming into Mazikar with a power that forced even I to look away. When my vision returned, Mazikar stood still, though chunks were missing from him, his vampiric visage hissing loudly as he brought up his cape to block the lingering rays of radiant energy. Naivera called forth a blizzard, clouding the area in ice and magical energies as she put her back to the wall to control the awesome cosmic forces she called forth.

It was as if time had locked our opponents in surprise as we came bellowing into the room. It was then that time seemed to snap back, like some crashing wave hanging over us all. As it did, Rahvin moved into the room, calling forth the forces of magics he had forged dark pacts with, forcing Harivec in an explosion of power, to teleport atop a brazier and directly next to Dalrak. I could feel a smile on my face as I saw the tactic, an arrow already nocked as I took aim. One shot, and my arrow pierced through Harivec’s leg, sweeping him off balance and smashing him into the fiery embers of the brazier below him. He had been even more unprepared to explode in flames. However… I couldn’t control myself as I rushed forward. I felt my blood explode with speed as my heart raced beyond imagine… and then I was upon Harivec slashing wildly in a crazed blood lust. The fire bit at my eyes, and I lost sight as my steel went wide and around the thrashing lich lord.

True to form, Eorik raced across the room, drawing the attacks of enemies away from us. His moves graceful as he stepped along the sliver-thick edge of brazier, flipping over a swipe of a Boneclaw, then rolling under the strike of the other Boneclaw. He came up on his feet, his dagger at the ready, and with stabbed, with a precision borne through intense training, into Harivec. The Lich screamed in agony… thrashing under the assault. Dalrak brought him hammer down, and I will swear to this day I saw the solid iron legs of the brazier bend under the force of the blow as Harivec was crushed further into the flames.

However… victory was not ours yet. As Dalrak swung back around to face the Boneclaw directly before him, Mazikar caught his eye. I did not know it then… but it was in that instant the Vampire had taken control of Dalraks mind. Seeing himself outmatched though, and his ally falling swiftly before us… Mazikar gave us one last hiss, and escaped as mist through the collapsed roof. Naviera weaved another blast of ice, showering the other of half of the room in a torrent of chilling doom.

Harivec was not done either, pulling himself to his feet, he began casting a spell. Eorik and I tried to stop him, but now that he was alert and on his feet… he began that much harder for my blades to find their mark, and Eorik had to contend with a hail of ice mere inches from his blast distracting him from his target. Taking a page from our own spellslinger, Harivec let loose a blast of freezing wind around us. I felt the fierceness of his spell slam into me… but my blood continued to pump with barbarian fury. With that wild anger, I pushed the spells effects away, breaking free of their effect.

Travek, having gained back the holy power for his spellwork, stomped into the roof. With a single word of blessing, it sounded like a gong was sounded in the room. Harviec was blown clear back to the other end of the room, into the trappings of Naivera’s storm, and the Boneclaw before Dalrak simply shattered and crumbled to floor dead.

I was not ready for it, but my instincts made me jump at just the right moment, as Dalrak’s hammer swung in to take my gut. However, his hammer was not the only threat, as before I could backpedal away even further, I felt the reverberations of the hammers incredible speed and power left in it’s wake slam into my gut. I coughed up a lung as Rahvin, displaying an amazing amount of power, crafted a flowing black ring of energy around Harivec, trapping the lich’s arms to his body and wracking him with unimaginable amounts of pain.

Sensing the end approaching Harivec let out his last curses, proclaiming he would not die… that this was not the end. I felt a stab in the gut at that… but I did not hesitate. As Naivera began weaving another spell, I brought my bow to aim. With a twin twangs, two more arrows added themselves to Harivecs body. The lich gave a terrible shriek as he crumbled to his knees, and that’s when Naivera’s spell washed over him. His body was covered in a sheen of ice, then slowly it cracked… and exploded in the last mad powers Harivec had.

I felt… peace. As I watched the dust of his once whole bodies settle on the ground, I felt true peace. It didn’t last long though as Dalrak raced across the room, and smashed his hammer into my chest. The pain… I can never accurately write down. I stumbled back, firing an arrow feebly as I coughed up blood between us. Eventually, the matter was settled and I was informed of how he came to become dominated. I still have the dent though on my chest… and I believe I might carry that scar forever to remind myself of the terrible power that my enemies will face as long as I travel with Dalrak. He apologized, and I accepted… it was not his fault.

As Rahvin and Eorik set about collecting up all the treasure, and Daralk and Travek cleansed the altar of it’s dark power… I collected Harivec’s remains. Or at least, what I could collect. Which was only but a thimble of dust before the ice melted and washed away what was left. Then I found their bodies… my friends. I knew that they were dead… but still, to see it. Naivera hugged me, and I am glad to have a small piece of comfort in this dark place. After Travek had destroyed the altar and broken the dark ritual Harivec had performed, I had him cleanse the area around the bodies, and arranged them in a funeral pyre. Travek gave them the last rights of Moradin, and I am sure that will be enough.

I think I might of upset him with my comment about his god… but I hold little to concern to it. The only god we had known was the Overlord… if all the other gods would abandon us to his torture, I’m not sure if Moradin really is good enough for my friends. However, that is on the road behind… and I must look to the road ahead.

Naivera and Travek told me about this object called a phylactery. Apparently, as long as it exists… Harivec is not truly dead. The shock was not as terrible as Dalraks hammer, but still… it left me a bit winded. I was so sure that he was dead… so sure. It looks like I still have my destiny to fulfill. They said the phylactery would be kept in the safest location the lich had… and I knew what that meant. It meant… we had to go the Domains of Dread. Or at least, I had to.

Now… how to convince them to come with me?


After leaving the castle of entirely-too-damn-many-undead, we set out to the north with a touch of east.

So, we set off across the wastes and straight in a skill challenge. I, personally, was kind of frustrated in having either no skills with which to contribute or being the lesser on skills I did have. But, we narrowly pulled it out before we found an entrance to the Underdark. Rahvin was quite pleased.

As we descended, we rolled smack dab into another skill challnege: Navigating the Underdark. This time I was actually trained in one of the primary skills; I had a modifier of +14 against a DC 24. I rolled a measly five. In fact, in a six successes before four failures challenge, we started out with 3 failures. We got two successes before that fourth failure. And an ambush.

What did we find? Drow. Drow. And a spider thing (yes, I know, a drieder). But mostly Drow. We blocked up the chokepoint ahead of use, and an arachnomancer dropped a pain-in-the-arse thing that restrained people and did necrotic, so we not-dwarves withdrew. When it died… in a burst of spider stuff… and no one was in line of sight. Basically, we came to the conclusion we had to soak the damage or expend powers to get through the damaging area (in retrospect, it was just 10 necrotic), but we pushed our way through. I ended up next to the Priestess, which crossed my mind as a possibly bad idea. She had a whip. So, not as bad as it could have been.

In the end, we killed the giant spider and the blademaster, leaving the priestess and the arachnomancer who yielded and bargained with us because aberrations setup shop nearby. I used the hell out of my

As it turned out, there were Kuoa-Toa, Illithids and their thralls and at least one Beholder. Dammit. They congregated in the tomb, the Tomb of Madness. The Tomb of Madness is a place that moves and people that enter are supposedly driven mad, but there are varying great treasures inside. It’s a convergence with the far plane (also read: R’yleh). They will strike to draw away some of the aberrations in two day’s time.


We started out with two days to kill, so Limerick went scouting. He was really, really stealthy and found patrols and got a look at the Tomb of Madness. Turns out we’d probably be heading up a narrow bridge from the rear gate, which is apparently not taken to be nearly as important as the front gate.

Turns out Dalrak was the only one that knew squat about Mind Flayers, or, as he called them, ‘illithids.’ Rahvin believed him to have made this word up. We also had the discussion to put down a magic circle against aberrations.

Our group began a skill challenge to find a merchant down here, and surpassed the skill check, going to level 14. Bringing some CRAZY diplomacy checks, Rahvin managed to get good, good deals from the minotaur merchants we found. Rahvin swapped out his Rod of the Dark Reward +3 for a Pact Blade +3.

We then spent a lot of time updating our macros and character pieces.

We got into a fight with a bunch of grimlocks, a Mind Flayer Infiltrator, an Umberhulk and a Destrachan Far Voice. We had a ROUGH fight, considering that we were not burning action points or dropping dailies. Limerick actually went down, but we also just barely saved him. I had 7 healing surges left for the main assault on the Tomb. We found the equivalent of 400 gold each on the bodies.

A Hunter's Quarry - Entry 2

Apparently my new companions are after a certain magical Orb, one capable of those terrible things you read in story books. Tsunami’s, Hurricane Storms, the entire evil works. It seems they only came upon me and my predicament… out of pure crazy random happenstance. I must admit I am glad though… I don’t much like the thought of what would of happened had they not come.

Harivec is still out there, most likely slowly regenerating his undead body back in the Shadowfell. With all of my old friends dead… I am alone in my quest. Luckily, it seems Harivec managed to piss off the majority of my companions, as they have all promised that after we get this Orb, they will come with me and finish off Harivec once and for all.

I won’t let them have died for nothing.

After tending our wounds and refreshing our spirits, we set out in search of the Orb. They had some rough maps and idea of where to go, and matching up my extreme knowledge of the geography surrounding us… we quickly new our way. Unfortunately, this didn’t exactly make the trip easy. I was severely off throughout the entire trek across the arid plains between the castle and the mountains we sought. Even though I constantly felt failure on my shoulders, I kept pushing on. Perhaps it was because of Dalrak… he really carried all of us to salvation on that trip. Forgoing food for almost a week straight, carrying Naivera and additional packs… I think we might be dead in that waste now if not for him.

Eventually we found the mountains we were looking for, and I quickly picked up on the trail left by our targets going into the Underdark. I’ve never gone down there before… the Shadowfell is a dark world. Dark enough without me having to stick my head in holes in the ground just to be surrounded in the inky black. The soft light of my torch, the paranoia caused me to jump at every shadow and noise. I tried to push past this… but it turned into my downfall as I kept leading us off course. It almost turned into our entire downfall, as I walked us right into a Drow ambush.

The Drow displayed a level of elite tactics that made us look like simple minded amateurish adventurers, waving toy swords at the wind. I have felt death’s swift embrace several times in my life, but each time makes me fight harder and harder to never feel it’s touch on my neck again. The Drow pushed me as close as one might come, and I found it to be the pentacle of my failures so far on this trip. I wonder how much longer til the others toss me aside… I have proven myself less effective, and more aiding to our enemies with my bumbling.

We eventually prevailed however, forcing the Drow into surrender with overwhelming power… instead of superior quality. They told us of the Kuo-Toa and the Mindflayers pairing up to hold the Orb in this place called the Tomb of Madness. A bit… melodramatic, but if the stories Naivara and Rahvin told us are true, it might be aptly named. The Drow are planning a full assault on the place in a couple days, and Rahvin has struck a pact with them. We will go in, take care of their problem… and then when we leave, they won’t harm us.

I’m not sure how I feel about this… but I fear the Drows hearts might be as black as their skin. Something in my gut says not to trust them.

Not one to be unprepared, I took a small leave of the others and scouted out the base of operations for the Mindflayers and Kuo-Toa. Their cave system is large, and they have many guards. I am glad to see we have the distraction of the Drow, for the randomness of the patrols would surely defeat us before we began.

During the two day wait we tracked down this Minotaur town, though I found the caravan trail to aid our way, it was truly Rahvin who spun a web of words across any creature we came across. Beguiling them with a silver tongue he got us there with little to no protest from any of the denizens of this dreadful place.

This gave me a great opportunity to relieve myself of the large amount of gold I was carrying. As well to trade out a lesser blade for one forged in fires hotter then the sun. I dream now of introducing my new weapon to Harivec.. I am sure he will be most surprised to meet it. This group I travel with seem to be rather obsessed with their money and possessions… I offered Travek spare coin I had no use for to help him get the things he desired, and I swear his voice cracked. Imagine that, a dwarf’s voice cracking. Sounded like some ill omen had fallen upon me and my house. He swears to return every copper, and he has already made good on that, but for a couple hundred or so more pieces of gold.

Honestly, I could care less about this money. If he had wanted the money for nothing more then to buy a ton of food and eat himself into gluttony, I still would have no concerns.

I suppose people have different priorities here in the Material World. Wait, that’s not why they call it the ‘Material’ World, is it? I’ll have to ask Nivera sometime, she seems most knowledgeable to these things.

After preparing ourselves for our journey ahead, we set off again.

As quickly as we had arrived, the Drow had already launched their attack. I barely heard the sounds of their war, though luckily it was the distraction we needed. With only the gate guard ahead, we felt confidence overwhelm us. It took less then an instant for us to be overwhelmed. We started strong… they started stronger. Within half a minute we were slammed into the ground, chasing shadows of a Mindflayer slamming his psyche into ours. An Umber Hulk repeatedly disorienting us and beating us down… a creature that shrieked with enough strength to shatter solid stone. Not to mention the Grimlocks running around with their heads cut off distracting us and getting in all the wrong places at all the wrong times.

I escaped instant death three times. Barely I managed to escape the clapping mandibles of the Hulk, each time I saw sure doom. Yet, I managed to bring him and the Mindflayer down before unexpectedly the Destrachan knocked me out of my body with one of it’s infernal shrieks.

I can’t explain what death feels like. There are no words, aside from the approaching coldness that sinks into every fiber of you. I was unconscious for less then a few seconds… but I saw my clock ticking.

Ticking further and further away from Harivec… and I knew finally that I might die down here. I might not be able to make it back to the Shadowfell… I might not be able to fullfill the Prophecy… I might fail.

Looking across the bridge towards the Tombs of Madness… I must find myself, or I’ll surely lose myself in there.


Okay, so we took some time to lick our wounds after that last bout, where we didn’t use dailies or action points.

We started out with the “Navigating and MC Escher painting” skill challenge. Success! Wahoo! No non-planar geometry eating us!

So, we meander into this room where the floor seems to be alive (difficult) with floating platforms and a vacuum rift in the middle of the room, with Kuoa-Toa and Ogres throwing spears from the other end. So, Steph and I began ritualizing to close the rift. Wade, Jason and Ken all advanced on the platforms or weird-gravity wall. We got the rift closed, which opened up all kinds of options. But, one of the Kuoa-Toa swam up the slow-falling waterfall to escape.

Going up the fall (which had aberration poo in it), we hopped up on a ledge and into another tunnel. The map said it was the Tomb of Madness Sanctum. Spooky. There were walkways surrounded by gross amniotic fluid. Turns out there was an aboleth, there were aboleth servitors and a Eye of Flame variety of the Beholder. I was pretty happy with hitting the Eye of Flame with Your Delicious Weakness and Ring of Pain. Eorick pegged it with Knockdown, which was great until it made the save. Naivera and Travek worked on the Aboleth, Naivera with the grasping hand, which I imagine was slippery and gross to the disembodied hand. I hit the Eye with my Twilight of the Soul and Jason finished it off in awesome fashion.

Stuff we found: Gems of high value, Orb (presumably of the Sea), Gloves of Dimensional Repulsion, Necklace of Fireballs +3, Carcanet of Psychic Schism and the Immortal Game chess set. We also sent a note to the Drow priestess and exchanged some threads.

A Hunter's Quarry - Entry 3

It took us a little longer to get back to our feet then any of us would of liked, but with Travek letting loose on his healing, we needed to let him recuperate himself. Gathering ourselves up, we made out way into the Tombs of Madness, the sounds of the Drow war setting the tone for what awaited us inside.

The tunnels of this place were like nothing I’ve ever seen. At points we were walking along the side of the tunnel, as if it were the floor. I must say… I now understand how this place got it’s name. I managed to get us past several Kuo-Toa Reinforcements being sent up to face the Drow, Eoriks agile form found several holes in the wall for us to slip through along the crags. Dalarak showed an amazing display of strength when he managed to pull all of us up to the top of a small outcropping… on the same rope. I thought the rope would snap before his arms would give out.

As we progressed, we came upon this odd room. Inside, the floor swam with consciousness… reaching out with stone tentacles to drag us down and hold us tight. In the center a rip in the very fabric of space hummed with the force of the wind as it sucked in torrents of wind and loose debris from around the room. Still stranger, there were all of these platforms just drifting around in the air, held aloft by nothing but air and their own strange forces. Naivera came up with some plan to make some metal disc that we could all ride on over to the overlooking gallery at the very end of the room… I’m not exactly sure, before she could finish rattling off all the arcane nonsense, I was already running and jumping across the platforms, all I had to do was remember watching leopards and apes in the trees to find my innate balance.

That’s when I spotted the real danger of the room. Across the way, hidden in the shadows and rocks of the gallery, were a pair of Kuo-Toa spearchuckers, and a Cyclops with a sack full of javelins. As I shouted a warning, I found myself swept off my feet and sucked into the vortex in the center of the room. I thanked the Prophecy that it wasn’t big enough to completely draw me through… merely suffocating me in it’s torrent of winds and pressure. I managed one shot at the Kuo-Toa before the Vortex expelled me, mumbling my appreciation to Work for his boots as I gently fell to the ground.

As I traversed the grasping ground, Dalrak proved that his height would not impede him from calling on the agile leaps and bounds of the leopards as he moved across the platforms like a man possessed. I saw Travek clear a platform himself, and leap across a large gorge and land… on the wall. I almost stopped mid stride when I saw this… him standing perfectly normally on the side of the wall. Shaking my head and thinking it nothing but the madness of this place… I took a cue from him. With all of my strength and speed I ran right up the side of the wall, cleared a platform, dove onto it… and slammed an arrow right into the Cyclops unsuspecting back.

I must say, it gave Dalrak a perfect opening as he came in hard and fast; his hammer leading the way. It was in that instant I heard a loud pop, and casting a look over my shoulder saw that Naiver and Rahvin had turned their energies to destroying the Vortex before coming to meet us. It didn’t take long for everyone to make their way across and help in the dispatching of the enemies… though, one lone Kuo-Toa did manage to escape along a waterfall.

Taking a small breather, I made my way up the wet rocks of the waterfall. As the others climbed up my offered rope, I noticed that the water had an odd discoloration to it, it’s flow stemmed by the unnatural gravity of the place, and something was just simply _wrong _with it. We traveled for a while along a narrow waterway before coming to a much larger underground lake. However, the water was green and ghastly, rank in it’s odor. I could not even see the bottom, not even when prodded with an arrow.

Preparing myself, I moved off to scout ahead… though it seemed they were ready for us. By them… I mean creatures I never thought I would see in the flesh. In the forefront was an Aboleth and his Servitors. That’s write, myself, a twice-cursed Aboleth… a creature from the Far Planes, even deeper in the strange, weird, and gods-be-damned nethers then the Shadowfell. However… we felt confident. Moving back, we gained a good position… that’s when the Beholder came out.

Yeah… a Beholder wreathed in flames and throwing out rays of destruction and terror. I must admit, our courage didn’t flare quite as brightly that turn. Though, we stuck to it as we have shown ourselves prone to do. Leading the charge, Dalrak and Travek spearheaded the forces as I picked off the Servitors. As the Beholder was thrown into a corner by one of Dalrak’s heavy blows, Eoirk flung himself off the walkway, bashing the creature right in the crown. Suddenly I had all of my knowledge proven right as I watched a Beholder continue hovering while unconscious. Naiver called for a gigantic hand formed of ice, latching onto the Aboleth and holding him tight. Rahvin and I were left to throwing what we had at both creatures til we had smashed them into bits of nothing.

Eorik and I moved to secure the rest of the room as the others inspected a strange portal in the middle of the cavern. Naiver warned us not to look into it, and though I averted my gaze… I could still hear strange and terrible things from the other side. If not for my conscious mind… I fear I might have moved closer to find out what was speaking. Other say they heard nothing… but I swear, I heard someone call my name.

Eorik found the Orb they have all been searching for atop an altar in the back of the room, wasting no time as he stuck it in his bag with a pair of gems. Though, there was of course much more on the Altar, some items of obvious magic and a very nice chess set. As Naivera cursed her lack of forethought to bring along a ritual to close the portal, and was forced to resort to a simple magical circle to keep things from coming though, I identified what I had found. Though… they took a bit longer then that took, and I asked Eorik if he would be interested in a game of chess.

I must say, when I offered him the white pieces… I was not prepared for a ghostly visage to expand before me and prepare to play the game against me. Naivera and Travek informed me that it was an artifact item, called ‘The Immortal Game’. Apparently if you play the game, you have to finish it. There were a lot of other complicated things, but we were in a rush. I told the ghost I would play it later, then shoved the chess set back in my bag. As we escaped from the Tombs, we could still hear the battle waging out front. Naivera had the bright idea of waiting around to let the Drow know how we did.

We all had a good laugh at her expense. They ended up settling on using one of the Sending scrolls, though Travek left a very funny message on the walls of the Aboleth cavern.

As we made out way through the Underdark, and out into the fresh air and sunlight… I could help think: What now? There is so much in front of us, and though I yearn to take these strong people into the Domains of Dread and put an end of Harivec now, I wonder if that is where our path will continue.

I think that’s a question I will be asking myself every morning of every day I spend with these… new friends, of mine.

What now?

The Next Adventure...

Not to preempt the RP going on in the newest Hunter’s Quarry, but I do need some prep time for the next adventure, so would like a vote on what you guys want to do next. I have three basic adventure ideas, and of course if you guys want to do something totally different, that’s an option as well:

1) Rescue in the Deepwood – The Elven city of the Deepwood has recently been ravaged by the hordes of Mazikar the vampire lord and Harivec the Cruel. The survivors are now struggling to rebuild their once great city, but forces from the Feywild, remnants of the Harivec’s horde, and a possible threat from amongst the survivors themselves mean that the struggle may be harder than anyone believed…

2) Harivec’s Domain – Harivec the Cruel has lorded over his Domain of Dread in the Shadowfell for centuries, but a gypsie prophesy is about to be fulfilled in the form of Limerick. He escaped Harivec’s clutches and with his new friends he may be able to bring the lifeless lich to an untimely end. However, the Shadowfell is a dangerous and mutable realm, and in his Domain Harivec holds all the cards…

3) The Barrow of Baracus – The archmage of the mage’s guild in Stormhold has recently found a hidden chamber in the guild hall, and in that chamber he has found ancient and secret scrolls. Amongst the find is a map to the long forgotten and lost Barrow of Baracus, known as the finest mage of Bael Turath. The Barrow is sure to be filled with cunning traps and puzzles, fantastic treasures, and the twisted experiments of the demonic sorceror…


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