Quest for the Orb

The Quest for the Orb is the most recent adventure undertaken by Jhaele’s Privateers. The quest began in Stormhold when the Temple of Melora was attacked by a group of foulspawn and kuo-toa. As the party moved into the temple, they witnessed a kuo-toa whip teleporting away. The adventurer’s fought their way through the temple and into the sewers, saving the priests and priestesses of Melora along the way as they could and fighting off more foulspawn. At the end of the sewers, they caught up to the kuo-toa whip, who had summoned up gibbering mouthers and a balhannoth. Under the cover of his abberrant minions he made his escape into the ocean.

Upon their return to the temple, they found a platoon of the king’s royal guard, who escorted the to Castle Stormhold. There, they met with the high priest of the temple of Melora, the royal families of Stormhold and the King of Stormhold. During the council, they learned that the Orb of the Nine Seas had been stolen from the temple of Melora by the kuo-toa, and that in centuries past the Orb had been used to control storms and to obliterate cities with tsunamis and hurricanes. The kingdom of Stormhold commissioned Jhaele’s Privateers with recovering the Orb.

The party set sail on the Corm en’I’Ear, an Eladrin vessel, after using scrolls obtained from the royal treasury of Stormhold to contact an oracular spirit, who showed them the ultimate destination of the kuo-toa. The vessel was assaulted by kuo-toa, and put in to port at Ironhelm. At Ironhelm, the party learned that passage west by boat was being prevented by a fearsome blue dragon. The party set out to slay the dragon and open passage west. The dragon’s lair was a cave where parts of the Elemental Chaos had bled through, and the rear entrance of the cave was defended by a group of elementals. Inside the cave were rivers of cackling electricity. At the end of the cave, the party engaged and defeated the adult blue dragon.

Continuing west through the Inland Sea, the adventurers set off towards the location indicated by the oracle, only to encounter a sizable force of ghouls, vampire spawn, skull lords, and a vampire lord. This group proved more than a match for Jhaele’s Privateers, and most of the party was killed. Eorik was able to escape, while Naivara Gelocarregado survived, but was captured. The party was taken to Castle Velinheim, where they were held awaiting sacrifice by Harivec the Cruel. It was in the dungeons of Castle Velinheim that the party met and befriended Limerick Wash. Eventually the party escaped, fought their way to the top of the castle, and defeated Harivec the Cruel.

Back on course for their quest, the party made their way across the treacherous wastes, finding the location indicated by the oracle – a passage down into the Underdark. In the Underdark, the party encountered many dangers and obstacles, and ultimately stumbled into a drow ambush. The fight was close, but the adventurers eventually prevailed and the drow priestess surrendered and offered a deal. She explained that a large force of aberrations and kuo-toa had assembled at the nearby Tomb of Madness, and had been plaguing the nearby drow city. They proposed that the drow would attack the front of the tomb, allowing the adventurers to sneak in the rear entrance and assault the tomb from behind, thereby eliminating the common threat. Suspecting that the Orb of the Nine Seas had been taken to the Tomb of Madness, the party warily accepted the drow offer.

The drow attack occurred as planned, and the party was able to fight their way into the rear entrance of the Tomb of Madness. Inside the Tomb, they found a strange and twisted landscape which defied reason and understanding. With great difficulty they were able to traverse the Tomb and enter into a grand hall. The hall featured a living stone floor, gravitational disturbances, floating rocks, a vacuum rift, and several kuo-toa and cyclopian opponents who shot at them from an elevated gallery. Eventually, the party was able to jump, climb, and maneuver their way to the gallery and defeat the waiting monsters, while Naivara Gelocarregado and [[:Rahvin Dusque]] were able to magically seal the portal.

Continuing from the hall, the adventurers found their way into a room filled with an alien amniotic fluid, and made their way across bridges over the foul liquid to the center of the Tomb – a large portal into the Far Realms themselves! This area was guarded by an Aboleth, his servitors, and a Beholder Eye of Flame. The party vanquished these foes with little trouble and were able to recover the Orb of the Nine Seas and the Immortal Game.

The party made their way out the the Tomb, the Underdark, and back to the Corm en’I’Ear, on which they sailed back to Stormhold. In Stormhold they were given a heroes’ welcome and were handsomely rewarded by the King. They did not rest in the city long, however, as their travels had uncovered other adventures for them to face, and they set out for Harivec the Cruel’s realm in the Shadowfell, stopping at the ravaged Deepwood along the way.

Quest for the Orb

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