Stormhold is a large port city. Once the capital of a sprawling human empire, Stormhold is still one of the dominant cities in Agathorn. The city is ruled by a Monarch who is supported by his dozen noble vassal families as well as the various guilds and temples of the city.

Stormhold is generally considered to be the trade center of the north, and brings together merchants from such places as Ironhelm, Irkjennalgrief, Riverdale, Fenwood, and Sireen Turath.

Stormhold is split into a number of districts: the High City, Merchants’ Quarter, Dockside, the Islands, the Low City, and Eastside.

The High City

The High City is the oldest part of Stormhold. Located in the northwest, the High City stands atop a tall, cliff-ringed hill and is the most defensive location in the city. The High City has its own set of walls, 60 feet high and built of thick, sturdy stone. Combined with its elevated position, the presence of the Royal Garrison, and Stormhold Castle the High City has withstood many sieges throughout the city’s history. The High City is a wealthy district, containing the King and his court, as well as the temples to Kord and Bahamut and the Great Arena. Kingsfoot Tavern is also a popular meeting place for mercenaries, adventurers, and gladiators.

Merchants’ Quarter

The Merchants’ Quarter contains much of the non-human population of Stormhold. Elves, Eladrin, Dwarves, Dragonborn, and Tieflings almost all live in the Merchants’ Quarter. In addition, the quarter holds most of the large bazaars and markets in the town. In addition, the Merchants’ Quarter has a number of important locations, including the Old Skull Inn, Stormhold’s Mages’ Guild, the temples to Ioun, Moradin, Bahamut, and Corellon, the Port Authority, and the Temple to the Raven Queen on the Cemetary Island. The Merchants’ Quarter is often considered to be the cultural center of Stormhold.


The Dockside neighborhood is located in the shadow of the High City. Dockside is dominated by the offices of shipping companies, warehouses, cheap taverns, and cheap short term housing. It is busy at all times of the day and night as merchants, sailors, dockhands, and other nautical types go about their business. Generally, Dockside is considered to be a rough part of town, and pub brawls which break out into street fights are not uncommon. As often as not, these brawls begin at the large Dockside Inn, which is also a common place where one can go to hire various flavors of thugs, criminals, and adventurers.

The Islands

The Islands, connected by a network of bridges and ferrys, contain most of the population of Stormhold. Most of the Islands are owned by the various noble families which swear fealty to the King of Stormhold. It is on the Islands that these families keep their own family fortresses and their family armies. While individual family armies are small, amassed and combined with the Royal Garrison they present the formidable military might of Stormhold.

The Low City

The Low City, located in the southwest corner of Stormhold, is a neighborhood defined by small, tightly packed buildings and tight roads. It houses most of the halfling population of the city. The Low City is relatively isolated from the rest of Stormhold, and only rarely do the other citizens of the city find themselves needing to do business in the Low City. Rumors abound that the thieves’ guild of Stormhold has its headquarters in the Low City. The temples to Erathis and Sehanine are located in the Low City, as is the always-busy tavern The Halfling’s Pint.


Eastside houses the secondary set of docks for Stormhold and the Temple of Melora. Eastside houses most of the working population of Stormhold – laborers, cooks, servants, blacksmiths, cobblers, all tend to make their homes in Eastside. It was at the Temple of Melora that the Orb of the Nine Seas was held, up until its theft by a Kuo-Toa raiding party. Jhaeles Privateers attempted to prevent the theft of the artifact, but despite their valiant efforts were unable to prevent the escape of the Kuo-Toa Whip who took it. This began their Quest for the Orb.


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