Reference post - Transfer Enchantment

The text of Transfer Enchantment for people’s references of how this ritual works.

Transfer Enchantment

With great care and concentration, you carefully strip magical power from one object to imbue it in another.

Level: 4 Component Cost: 25 gp Category: Creation Market Price: 175 gp Time: 1 hour Key Skill: Arcana (no check) Duration: Permanent

You transfer the magical qualities (properties, powers, and enhancement bonus) of an enchanted item into another object. You must maintain physical contact with both items for the duration of the ritual. The receiving item must occupy the same magic item slot (head, waist, armor, and so on) and be the same type (wand, rod, weapon, and so on) as the original item. The enchantment to be moved must be valid for the receiving item, so that you cannot transfer ranged weapon properties to melee weapons, cloth-only armor properties to chainmail, and so on. You can transfer an enchantment to an item that already contains a lower-level enchantment, but the receiving item’s previous magic is lost. For example, the enhancement bonus and power of a suit of +1 barkskin hide (5th level) could be placed into a suit of +1 curseforged scale (3rd level), but the scale armor’s existing power is lost in doing so. You cannot transfer an enchantment to an item that already has a higherlevel enchantment.


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